Membership to Mayberry Archers provides:

Camaraderie & Fellowship in the sport and fun of Archery

Support of the club with advice and experience of fellow archer's

Use of both indoor and outdoor range

Equipment / tools to fix or tune your, plus information on quality new or used equipment

Heated use of an indoor range with card access

Family oriented club with an safe and fun atmosphere

Recognizes the issues that threaten the future of the right to bare arms

Self-accomplishment as well of confidence to improve your skills of archery

Competitive shoots with other archers focused on the sport

Ability to Join MAA and NFAA/NAA to shoot competitive state and nationally

 Membership dues are:

$100 for a single adult membership

$150 for family maximum, this includes any dependent that are still enrolled in higher learning.

$10 for a single youth the age of 17 and under. Youth membership must be done with and adult membership.

$5 for each club access card (adult member only)

Note: Must attend a meeting to present your application as a new member. Meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at 7:30 PM.

Membership application 

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